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Lattix Updates Architecture Management Software

Lattix has released version 5.0 of its architecture management software. Lattix 5.0 is designed to let software architects, developers, and managers identify issues, restructure, and measure system architectures. In addition to performance improvements, Lattix 5.0 makes use of new algorithms and architecture metrics, along with integrations to IBM Rational's Telelogic Rhapsody for UML/SysML models and to Klocwork for C/C++ codebases.

"Our new algorithms and metrics provide not only the means to improve the modularity of your system and reduce defects, but also to measure and track improvements in the architecture," explains Lattix's Neeraj Sangal. "

Capabilities in this release include:

  • Architecure metrics that let architects pin-point complexity and identify architectural problems. Among the new metrics in Lattix 5.0 are ones which have a proven correlation to the defect rate of projects. Lattix also provides metric values for some of the leading industry projects allowing architects to compare how their own projects stack up to them.
  • Partitioning algorithms that cover a broad range of use cases for the analysis and re-architecting of system elements. New sequencing and clustering algorithms facilitate grouping of elements even though they are cyclically coupled.
  • System reorganization algorithms that can be used to restructure systems which lack sufficient structure or which can be improved by replacing the existing structure with a more modular one. Elements of selected subsystems can be redistributed automatically or through the use of labels applied by the user with the Lattix tagging capability.
  • Compound projects that enable the aggregation of projects while allowing each project to be maintained individually, which typically occurs in large projects involving numerous teams.

Lattix 5.0 supports UML/SysML models, codebases, databases, and frameworks; XMI and Rhapsody models; Ada, C/C++, Java, .NET, and Pascal languages; Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase databases; and Spring and Hibernate frameworks. Lattix 5.0 also provides support for web-based reporting of architectural metrics, violations, and incremental changes.

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