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Me + JavaOne

May 28, 2009

By now, you should have seen the JavaOne promotional "Java + You" at last year's JavaOne, which is continued at this year's JavaOne. Well, this blog is about JavaOne + me, since it covers some activities I'll be doing there. If you're there and you can get to one of the events I'm hosting or taking part of, please say hello.

Here's my schedule:

Tuesday 6/2:

1) I'll be co-hosting a session (TS-5059) at 12:10pm on Tuesday on achieving application determinism and throughput with Java RTS in room Esplanade 305 in Moscone.

2) At 2:00pm I'll be signing copies of my new book, Real-Time Java Programing with Java RTS at the JavaOne book store with fellow author Greg Bollella.

3) At 8:30pm in  Moscone Hall E 133, I'll be co-hosting a BOF that looks inside the Java RTS VM.

Wednesday 6/3:

1) I'll be on SecondLife for a chat on my second new book, JavaFX: Designing Rich Internet Applications at 12:00pm. Find more details on this here:

2) At 1:30 I'll be signing copies of the new JavaFX book at the JavaOne book store with fellow author Jim Clarke (remaining author Jim Connors could not attend JavaOne this year).

 3) At 8:45pm I'm co-hosting BOF-1749, "Real-time, Really big applications...", in Esplande 305. This BOF takes a look at a case-study in converting a JavaSE 6 application to run on Java RTS with predictability.

Thursday 6/4:

1) Another SecondLife chat at 12:00pm, this time for my Real-time Java Programming book. Again, information is here:

 If you're going to be there, have fun and hopefully I'll see you there. If not, keep checking DobbsCodeTalk.com for my updates from JavaOne. 


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