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New Dynamism In Agile Project Management?

Telerik has announced its latest release of TeamPulse, an Agile project management solution that now boasts a new bug-tracking module, an interactive 'TaskBoard' for tracking the progress of tasks, and a new dynamic view for project members. The product also now integrates with the company's automated testing solution, Test Studio.

The new bug-tracking module is said to support the complete workflow of bug capturing, triaging (evaluating and prioritizing), and assignment. The new "My Perspective" feature is intended to provide developers with a personal perspective on assigned stories, tasks, and bugs.

"My Perspective aggregates everything that a single user is working on in a single location, thus allowing team members to stay focused and be more productive. Powered by TeamPulse's Best Practice Analyzer, My Perspective offers notifications when users are not adhering to Agile best practices," says the company.

The new TeamPulse TaskBoard is being positioned as a virtual replacement for traditional whiteboards and sticky notes. Tasks are represented as index cards, organized in different columns based on status and are intended for use in daily Scrum meetings allowing teams to review, move, and edit cards in real time.

Integration with the Test Studio automated testing solution means that users can define feature acceptance tests in TeamPulse and then generate functional tests in Test Studio with a few mouse-clicks.

"We wanted this version of TeamPulse to be about increasing individual and team productivity," said Joel Semeniuk, executive vice president, Agile Project Management Division, Telerik. "With the addition of Bug Tracking, the focusing "My Perspective" view, and other new features, we believe that teams using the new version of TeamPulse will immediately experience improved team performance."

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