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No half truth has ever lead to any meaningful understanding

January 29, 2009

To solve, we must understand.

To understand, we must analyse FULL and TRUE information about the subject matter.

The Truth, Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth, is necessary.

At least programmers, being mathematically inclined, could be expected to realize THAT.
We should operate by statements of facts, not emotionally charged smears.
Case in point: claims "the UN schools were bombed in Gaza campain". The questions that remain unanswered - not even asked - are: how many schools? out of how many? how many times? bombed how? by which munitions? in what circumstances? in the context of what? in response to what? was it intentional or accidental?

The true case of intractability is the prevalent superficiality in mass media.

People are all too eager to believe anything. We are actually wired to avoid hard thinking for ourselves as much as possible. The most most of us would do is switch allegiances - to take an opposite POV as authoritative. This is because human "intelligence" is nothing more than pattern recognition. IOW - simplistic views of the simplified reality.

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