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Parallelism in our future, separating reality from bias

March 24, 2009

Last week, I blogged about our bias in how we predict the future.

It has caused me to think, and talk to others - about parallelism.

I pointed out that we tend to embrace "out with the old, in with the new."

So, do we tend toward "out with the serial, in with the parallel."  Well, I think many people do think that way.  End the end - the point of survey results is the same: we act differently than our impulses.

Our actions tend to favor things that more provably benefit us.

Parallel is the same - we'll see MORE adoption than we expect where it helps, and LESS where it does not.

So - where does it help the most?   The answers so far are a bit surprising, and I should write them up later.  I'm interested in comments on what people are seeing work well... and otherwise... with parallelism. 



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