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Pentaho Goes Humongous Over MongoDB

Pentaho has married its business analytics technology with 10gen, the company behind the MongoDB open source document-oriented NoSQL database system. This move is lauded as good news for open source developers working with big data, as the arrival of MongoDB connectors for Pentaho Business Analytics will bring the data integration, data discovery, and visualization capabilities of Pentaho to MongoDB.

With this native connection engaged, Pentaho says its distributed multithreaded data integration engine has the horsepower to keep-up with MongoDB's ability to rapidly "ingest" data, as well as integrate and exchange data across multiple sources. For developers, the new connectors mean that MongoDB is fully supported within Pentaho's visual tools for data integration and job management.

This (says Pentaho) helps developers solve some of their most common big data integration challenges, such as: How do I rapidly ingest data into MongoDB? How do I link disparate systems and exchange data among them? How do I manage my data workflows?

Enterprise architects now stand to benefit from a scalable data integration framework functioning across MongoDB and other data stores, as developers gain access to "familiar graphical interfaces" for data integration and job management with full support for MongoDB. Data scientists and analysts can now visualize and explore data across multiple data sources, including MongoDB.

"We are thrilled to bring a visual design environment and enhanced visual analytics to the largest NoSQL community on the planet: MongoDB," said Richard Daley, chief strategy officer at Pentaho. "The connectors between MongoDB and Pentaho Business Analytics are more than just tight integration; this is another step in helping companies operationalize their data. Benefits of using the joint MongoDB and Pentaho solution include increased developer productivity, reduced risk, and rapid time to value."

"MongoDB enables rapid, agile development of data-rich applications and provides enterprises the capability to manage, at scale, unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data," said Nosh Petigara, director of product strategy at 10gen. "We're excited to partner with Pentaho and provide joint customers with the scalable framework and robust toolset required for today's enterprise data architectures."

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