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Perforce Clarifies Source Code Management Visualization

Perforce Software has released P4Eclipse, its new software configuration management (SCM) integration for the Eclipse framework. Formerly named "P4WSAD," P4Eclipse integrates Perforce's version management system with Eclipse's powerful IDE for a more visually empowered project analysis proposition.

Labeled as an "integration" rather than a tool or service in any other sense, the new offering supports a wide range of Agile and traditional development workflows with visual tools to gives Eclipse developers improved project visibility.

Perforce's new release features two new visual tools: Merge Quest and Folder Diff. Merge Quest models current code-line and branch strategies at a glance and gives better visibility into potential integrations, while Folder Diff is valuable for diagnosing the cause of bugs in continuous integration environments.

The company says that with Merge Quest, developers can see the inter-dependencies of various branches (main, development, or release) regardless of the development methodology being used. Branch dependencies are shown between related code-lines along with the number of pending integrations, helping managers anticipate how much merge work will be required.

With the Folder Diff tool, developers can see branch and folder activity that has occurred between any two points in time. Folder Diff also effectively measures the amount of code that needs to be resolved in pending merge scenarios.

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