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Remember you are a class, not an object

June 17, 2009

I have often wondered why at certain times I get hurt, or angry feel bored or just do not perform at my peak; whereas at other times I feel possitive, enthusiastic and able to work almost effortlessly. It suddenly dawned on me today whenever I am in the former state, it is when I am thinking like an object whereas the later calls for a class like approach. Let me explain.

A class knows who its superclasses are and the methods / properties inherited from them. It knows and can change its own methods / properties. It is awre of the interfaces it has agreed to implement.

Whereas an object is not aware of its class let alone the super classes; is at the mercy of whoever has created the instance and can be easily manipulated by all those who have its reference.

I am wondering whether this change of thinking would help me to be more productive and enjoy what I do. Any thoughts?

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