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Russian rocket provides geometric analogy to quantum measurement coincidence

December 13, 2009

A Wired reprint of a Norwegian photo of the spiral cloud left by a Russian rocket spinning out of control illustrates a geometric analogy to a paradox of quantum entanglement.

The "spiral cloud" effect, a dance in the stratosphere performed collectively by ten gazillion water droplets unbeknownst to the droplets themselves, is perceptually two dimensional. To a wide range of observers at vastly different angles, the answer to the question of "in which direction does the spiral go" would be the same. Yet we know the cloud is actually three dimensional, even, in the photo itself, perhaps, four dimensional (It may have moved as the snapshot was taken. It certainly moved as the snapshot was taken.)

Doesn't this suggest that the cos theta observational coincidence in quantum physics is the rotation of a dimensionally-challenged observation and offensive neither to Bell nor to the sense of EPR ?

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