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Software Engineering Institute Conference Set

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University will hold its Saturn 2009 conference May 4-7 in Pittsburgh. The theme of the SATURN 2009 conference is "architecture at all scales," exploring boundaries between software, system and enterprise architectures.

The conference features keynotes, presentations, and tutorials on how SEI technologies and other architecture tools and practices are used to control key product qualities such as reliability, security, modifiability, performance and affordability.

Keynote Speakers at the event are John A. Zachman and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock. Zachman developed the Framework for Enterprise Architecture that has received broad acceptance around the world as a "periodic table" of enterprise models. Zachman is also known for his early contributions to IBM's information strategy methodology. Wirfs-Brock is an internationally renowned author and innovator who led the development of object design methodologies and invented the set of development practices known as Responsibility-Driven Design. Through her courses, IEEE Software column, conference tutorials and books, she has taught design and architecture concepts to thousands.

The SEI Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) is a professional network of software, systems, and enterprise architects from around the world, representing industry, academia, and government.

SATURN's purpose is to connect architecture practitioners to

  • Share best practices in developing and acquiring software and systems architecture to build predictable, high-quality systems
  • Network with colleagues and SEI experts who will help you advance your software and systems architecture knowledge
  • Find potential solutions, service providers, training, partners and more to help you and your organization use effective software and systems architecture across the life cycle
  • Stay current with the latest SEI architecture technologies
  • Meet and learn from other software, systems, and enterprise architecture professionals.

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