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April 27, 2009

I didn’t blog for the past month – well, I didn’t really had time to breath either :). However as of last week we (xsights) moved our system from demos and testing into production with our first client – Maariv, israel’s second largest newspaper.

In case you don’t know what xsights does – we hyperlink the real world using the mobile as your mouse (sort of like barcodes e.g. microsoft tag – but without the barcode;) )

Anyway, our first product (actually service) is for printed newspapers/magazines (see video above) and we are now in the dry-run phase were we make sure all the interfaces (specifying content, links etc.) work ( With the official launch planned in a few weeks) – but already each newspaper coming out has a few links which are marked by a small “mem” : imagefor instance, Today’s (independence day) paper has 6 different links (in the Sports, signon and Asakim). Currently only us and Maariv’s employees use the system but we thought it would be nice to start getting some more feedback from more objective parties so if you are interested in trying new technologies before others, live in Israel, read Maariv and have a video call  capable 3G phone drop me an email (arnon at xsights dot com). Note that there is no software to install, we use the video call capabilities of the phone (we are working on a client for phones that don’t support video calls like the iPhone etc. but that’s another story)

Other related good news  (I hope that’s how you’d see that anyway) is that I feel I can go back to my regular blogging schedule. Some of the posts in queue include nano-services anti-pattern, aggregated reporting pattern, blogjecting watchdog pattern and two interesting questions I received which are related to it, post on twitter integration for reporting  etc.

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