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Visualizing Agile Projects with Kanban Boards


We have been developing an agile project management tool called TRICHORD. "TRI" means the three viewpoints -- Time, Task, and Team -- and "CHORD" means harmony.

It works as a workplace to share project status in the whole team, providing the three levels of Kanban Boards -- Feature Kanban (Release-Feature), Story Kanban (Story-Iteration), and Task Kanban (Daily-Task) -- as described in Table 1. A Feature Kanban is supported by a Parking Lot Chart, Story, and Task Kanbans are supported by Burndown Charts.

Figure 7: TRICHORD (Kanban Boards with Burndown Charts, Parking Lots).

In addition, TRICHORD has a Niko-Niko Calendar service to share the team mood. It also works as a simple "twitter"-like SNS communication center in the projects.

Figure 8: TRICHORD Niko-Niko Calendar

TRICHORD is implemented on Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform), and optionally works with Trac (issue tracking system).

6 Acknowledgements

Mary Poppendieck reviewed this paper thoroughly and provided lots of advice and suggestions, for which I am most thankful.


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