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We Deserve Better Interfaces

January 03, 2008

I just spent a happy hour complaining about the necessity of resorting to the filesystem's atomic create function in order to get cross-process locking on heterogeneous systems. (See previous post.)

I can do it. It's kinda fun. But I shouldn't be screwing around with it when I'm trying to figure out if a mouse gene functions like a human gene.

It should be done for me. 

 This is 2009, ladies and gentlemen!

Resorting to file locks in not clever! There are so many other things just like them. We are better than this! Why do we let them foist this **** off on us?? 

The fellow who commented on my previous post made a reasonable, short-term suggestion--go homogenous. But we shouldn't have to suffer this any longer.

 How many gazillion different interfaces do we have to deal with to do the exact same thing? Have you ever looked at the GNU source code? It compiles on like 100 different systems and has more lines with #IFDEF on them than not!

The #IFDEF should not exist. It should not need to exist!

We need clarity. We need vision. We need...

The One True Interface!


Every time you have to make a special case for this browser or that operating system, you lose a huge amount of productivity. And take one guess where most of the bugs are going to be! 


Now you must excuse me. I have some Chimeras to hunt...




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