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Wireless Surveys About Wireless Devices?

April 01, 2008

I really enjoy reading survey results. I don't always believe them or, for that matter understand them, but I still like reading them. So from the CTIA, the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, we have results from its Semi-Annual Wireless Industry Survey. Here are the highlights from where I sit.

  • More than 84% of Americans have wireless devices of one kind or another.
  • Six-month wireless service revenues were pegged at of $71 billion, with wireless data service revenues for 2007 at more than $23 billion.
  • Text messaging continues to be enormously popular, with more than 48 billion messages reported for the month of December 2007 alone -- that's 1.6 billion messages per day. This is an increase of 157% over December 2006.
  • Wireless subscribers are also sending more and more pictures and other multi-media messages, with nearly 4 billion MMS messages sent during the second half of 2007, compared with 2.7 billion sent over the course of the entire year in 2006.
  • Wireless customers using more than 2 trillion minutes in 2007, up nearly 18% over 2006.

Alas, the CTIA survey doesn't deal with the really important issues of the day. Like how many car accidents involve yakking on cell phones while changing lanes on the freeway. Maybe in next year's survey.

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