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XebiaLabs: Why Dev Needs DevOps

XebiaLabs has announced XL Platform, a delivery automation solution to help deliver software at a pace that claims to go beyond error-prone manual processes.

XL Platform comprises XL Deploy, application release automation — and XL Release, enterprise release management for DevOps and Continuous Delivery, both of which are version 4 products.

New to the platform are XL Test, a dedicated Agile test management and analysis tool and XL Scale, for on-demand provisioning and scaling of full environments.

In the face of software application development purists who feel that DevOps has possibly too much "ops" and not enough developer in it, VP of product management at XebiaLabs Andrew Phillips spoke to Dr. Dobb's directly to justify his company's announcement.

"Ultimately, developers want to get their apps released publicly so they can see how users respond and how well or poorly they perform," said Phillips. "But developers are looking for less painful ways to get their apps out. They want to get out of spreadsheet hell and release nightmare weekends and early morning stand up meetings, to get a full understanding of the release status. With XL Release, you can fly it in quickly, get it set up, and make your life much easier. It takes the pain out of the release process and you can begin to grow pipelines step by step, and start meeting the needs of development, giving you a complete overview every step of the way."

XL Deploy 4.0 automated deployment parallelization, advanced artifact staging capabilities, and a new scheduling console. XL Release 4.0 features a UI redesign for even more space and ease of use, new delivery pipeline and release summary dashboards, and webhook support for configuration of additional automated tasks.

"Supporters of Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery need a way for distributed teams spanning business, development, QA, operations, and release management to create an end-to-end lifecycle value chain. The XL Platform provides lightweight, plug-and-play delivery automation products for deployment, on-demand environment provisioning, Agile test management, and release management," said the company.

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