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Agile Testing Acceleration To The Power Of x6

Parasoft has partnered with Electric Cloud to try and help developers speed up Agile testing practices when working on continuously evolving software.

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The new joint solution marries Parasoft's development testing platform — with its spectrum of automated practices from static analysis, to unit testing, to peer code review — with Electric Cloud's technologies for automating and accelerating the application development and delivery process.

"Ensuring quality in an Agile development environment is complex and at times difficult. There are many challenges that force both development and QA to make trade-off decisions versus the clock," explained Wayne Ariola, vice president of strategy for Parasoft.

"With Electric Cloud's solutions, organizations are able to automate and accelerate their testing activities by leveraging dynamic and scalable cloud infrastructures. Parasoft finds that our mutual clients not only achieve more aggressive quality goals, but also execute their test plans in significantly less time," he added.

According to Electric Cloud's vice president of marketing, Kalyan Ramanathan, "Agile requires rapid feedback on software quality. While development testing can improve the quality of the delivered software, given today's complex software applications, enterprises struggle to run these tests quickly and often. By closely partnering with Parasoft, we've created an integrated solution that helps customers achieve dramatic test runtime acceleration, enabling customers to improve developer productivity by increasing the frequency of testing and identifying issues much faster."

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