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AppFog Storms Data Flow and Load Testing

Cloud platform player AppFog has added Blitz.io and Iron.io to its recently introduced add-on program for third-party service providers. IronMQ is an elastic message queue for managing data and event flow within cloud applications and between systems. Blitz is an application performance management product with a "simple" approach to load testing for programmers using agile technologies like Sinatra, Rails, and node.js for development.

AppFog also partners with New Relic, MongoLab, MailGun, and MongoHQ to complete its developer offering. The new additions are represent the company's best efforts to give developers a route to deploying and scaling cloud-driven web-based applications through a single interface.

"At AppFog, we're all about helping developers deploy applications with velocity and grace — and Blitz.io and Iron.io are two great examples of add-on partners who provide our customers with even more nuanced, cost-effective, and time-saving developer platforms," said Lucas Carlson, founder and CEO of AppFog. "With these new partners, the AppFog ecosystem continues to establish itself as an industry-leading solution for developers creating innovative cloud applications."

The company says that users have responded well to the add-on program, which lets programmers manage accounts with third-party services through the core interface. In theory, a user can bring in an APM layer without learning the nuances of load and performance testing by this route.

"Cloud developers need fast deployment along with the ability to scale," says Chad Arimura, CEO and cofounder of Iron.io. "When it comes to message handling and background processing, most developers spend a lot of time creating and managing these components. IronMQ and IronWorker offload the challenges of maintaining what ends up being pretty complex systems into massively scalable services. Through our partnership, developers can spend far less time managing infrastructure and far more time on areas of their application that really matter."

AppFog supports PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js, and Perl and is designed to automate the deployment, scaling, and management of cloud applications. The company has openly voiced its commitment to the open source Cloud Foundry project and promises developers additional "tools and solutions" in coming months.

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