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AppGyver Composer Visual HTML5 Hybrid App Builder

Mobile RAD company AppGyver has released its Composer drag-and-drop tool for bootstrapping mobile hybrid apps that perform natively. Users can distribute their apps directly via app stores or the firm's own QR code-sharing service.

In terms of usage, Composer lets users "bootstrap apps” with logic components without writing code. Composer draws on Appgyver Steroids, the underlying technology that delivers native performance to multi-page hybrid apps.

"Composer changes the way you build mobile apps. With built-in cloud integrations — such as Parse and Kimono — you can virtually build anything you might have an idea for," said Marko Lehtimaki, AppGyver founder and CEO. "Our users have already created over 10,000 mobile apps with our existing tools, and with Composer, we see the democratization of app development hitting a whole new level."

Composer is positioned as a "freemium SaaS service" (users can sign up for a free Composer account) with extensions and add-ons such as Data Proxy and API/cloud-service integrations available for purchase.

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