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Atlassian Marketplace Clocks New Timesheet App

Cloud-based time management system BQuTMS is now integrated with Atlassian's JIRA issue-tracking system. As a proprietary issue-tracking product used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management, JIRA is commonly used by software development teams for agile project management where many projects are billed on a time and materials basis.

To this end, BQuTMS has created the "time input plugin" between the two solutions to be able to input time spent on issues through the desktop application and web-based time input system.

The BQuTMS integration will enable the JIRA project management module to be used with the BQuTMS system through retrieving projects, categories, issues, and adding time from the BQuTMS into JIRA.

The time tracked will be stored in both BQuTMS and JIRA so that reporting through both systems will be possible.

According to BQuTMS, "Successful time management is an important part in achieving project objectives and milestones. BQuTMS built its system with the intention of providing solutions for better time and project management. Key points for success in time management include: capturing data when it happens, providing multiple capture options, and enabling quick real time communication."

BQuTMS offers a suite of time management tools to capture, manage, and analyze data gathered on a day-to-day basis. Employees can manage their time on projects and tasks while allowing the management to allocate resources, monitor, and analyze performance.

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