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Borland Launches Silk Portfolio

Borland has launched its new Silk Portfolio product as a set of test automation tools for cloud, web, and mobile platforms. This new software will integrate with a development team's existing development and testing frameworks as it sets out to improve application quality and reduce deployment risk.

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Silk Portfolio works by standardizing processes and centralizing best practices across development streams.

Borland solutions portfolio director at Micro Focus Archie Roboostoff reckons that testing teams "have it rough today" with a variety of challenges that span multiple technologies and platforms.

"Putting the problem in perspective, a team that only wants to support one major browser on one major OS has to test across at least 24 different desktop combinations. Our tools help customers ensure their apps work across as many platform/device combinations they want to support, bringing order to chaos and ensuring large-scale application delivery without any nasty surprises," he said.

Roboostoff further suggests that Silk Portfolio brings new control to testing. Inside the suite we find Silk Mobile for functional testing of mobile devices. "Plug in and go, no jail breaking, just install on your PC and plug in any mobile device for automated testing," he said.

Also featured here is silk Test — a cross browser and cross platform test automation tool (designed to be used visually without any coding) with Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse. Silk Performer Cloud is here to simulate load tests in the cloud, Silk WebMeter is the website performance tool, Silk Performer is the load testing element, and finally, Silk Central is the test management element.

Testing Teams Have It Rough, Let's Show The Love

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