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Continuuity Unveils Free Big Data Application PaaS

Continuuity is distinguished by not only having a company name prone to rampant misspelling, but also by its claims to have the industry's first big data application fabric. This month the firm announced the public beta of Continuuity Developer Suite and Continuuity Developer Sandbox.

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Delivered as a cloud PaaS, the Continuuity AppFabric is an application runtime and data platform, which sits on top of open source Hadoop components.

Designed to enable rapid application deployment, monitoring, and elastic scalability, the Continuuity AppFabric is intended to be coupled with the Developer Suite to cover the full end-to-end application development lifecycle.

The free Developer Suite provides an SDK with an Eclipse IDE plugin, as well as pre-built dataset patterns for data modeling and manipulation. Bundled with a single-node edition of the Continuuity AppFabric, it includes developer tools for application creation for local testing.

The Continuuity Developer Sandbox is a free, self-service instance of the Continuuity AppFabric that developers can use to deploy, manage, and monitor their applications in the cloud. Currently in public beta, developers get access to 8 cores, 8 GB of memory, and 240 GB of storage.

Typical use cases for the Continuuity AppFabric include Consumer Intelligence applications like social analytics, A/B testing, targeting, and personalization efforts. These closed-loop applications require real-time ingestion of user or machine signals that are then processed and turned into actionable business insights and data.

"Developers are always looking for tools to make it faster and easier to build applications," said RedMonk analyst Donnie Berkholz. "With the public beta of Continuuity's Developer Suite and Developer Sandbox, the company is aiming directly at the barrier to entry for developers to create Big Data apps."

"With the release of Developer Suite and Developer Sandbox, Continuuity abstracts away infrastructure and helps make developers into big data developers via access to higher level APIs, sample libraries, and a flexible runtime. By bridging this gap, Continuuity empowers developers to easily build, run, and maintain Big Data applications, slashing time to business value and allowing companies to monetize data," said the company.

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