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Electric Cloud Refines App Deployment

DevOps optimization company Electric Cloud has joined PTC's PartnerAdvantage Program and so will now offer customers its application deployment solution, ElectricDeploy, integrated with PTC Integrity.

PTC Integrity from Massachusetts-based PTC is an application lifecycle management solution designed to connect all software engineering artifacts including requirements, models, code, and test elements to try and ensure traceability.

PTC recently notified customers of the decision to end-of-life its MKS Deploy solution and so is now partnering with Electric Cloud to provide customers with a migration path to the technology offered in ElectricDeploy.

"PTC is committed to bringing innovation and world-class lifecycle management capabilities to the ALM market. With this focus we decided to work with industry-leading development operations vendors when replacing native capabilities in these areas. We chose Electric Cloud for our customers' deployment migration paths because the company offers customers advanced deployment technology," said Doug Akers, VP of product management at PTC.

Akers also highlights Electric Cloud's model-driven approach that he says reduces the complexity and variability of application deployments.

"With Electric Cloud's out-of-the-box integrations with hundreds of essential software development, middleware, and infrastructure tools, customers can now develop and deliver applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments with a single solution," said Electric Cloud CEO Mike Maciag.

Maciag goes on to suggest that the strength of PTC's solutions for ALM combined with Electric Cloud's DevOps solutions are a natural fit. "With a consistent process to transition software from Dev to Ops, the value of Agile development will be fully realized," he said.

NOTE: ElectricDeploy automates and standardizes application deployments across all environments — Dev, QA, pre-production, and production — by modeling applications, related environments, and processes. Built on Electric Cloud's ElectricCommander platform, ElectricDeploy aims to reduce the occurrences and impacts of deployment failures in production environments.

The product is built with runtime debugging capabilities to interactively refine deployment processes. It also features a Run-Safe function to let teams define success and failure thresholds for application deployments so that deployments can account for real-world environments and deployment situations.

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