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EMC Cloud App Platform Building on Pivotal CF

EMC World 2014 has seen the storage firm roll out a number of more directly data-centric news announcements this week; but more software industry and application developer focused is news that the company's Information Intelligence Group has introduced its first industry-specific public cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, EMC Supplier Exchange.

EMC Supplier Exchange is a "third platform" solution that extends Documentum-based private cloud solutions. COO of EMC's Information Intelligence Group Rohit Ghai says that by using Pivotal CF (the enterprise PaaS powered by Cloud Foundry), EMC is hoping to now enable software technologies with high-scale functions, elasticity, multi-tenancy, and automated deployment with a cloud-independent approach.

Ghai envisions a vendor-agnostic path toward cloud portability. This approach should also enable the creation of "cross-category applications" that have big data, fast data, content, and process capabilities.

"EMC Supplier Exchange, designed specifically for the Energy and Engineering industry, enables project sponsors and asset owners to accelerate time to financial milestones by streamlining the fulfillment and tracking of contractual deliverables via cloud-based structured collaboration with external suppliers. EMC Supplier Exchange provides complete visibility and shared accountability for the quality of contract deliverables while expediting the distribution, review, and approval of transmittals and other critical project documentation," according to a company statement.

IDC analyst for content and digital media Melissa Webster says that she sees "significant room for improvement" in how capital project sponsors work with their vast network of suppliers to manage the exchange of critical project documentation. "In fact, this pattern of need around more structured collaboration with an extended enterprise can be seen across many industries. Today, enterprises struggle using email, FTP, and other more ad hoc collaboration packages to solve the problem. But these cobbled-together approaches are inconsistent and rarely meet efficiency and auditability requirements. EMC is well positioned to solve this problem, and their first move in the Energy & Engineering space looks promising."


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