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Hybrid Continuous Delivery On Jenkins

CloudBees has announced a continuous delivery (CD) platform powered by Jenkins CI. Available on-premise, or via cloud or hybrid, the software comes at the same time as the firm's traceability integration for Jenkins with applications from Chef Software and Puppet Labs.

There are more than 80,000 active installations of Jenkins around the globe. Jenkins CI handles simple automation of tasks right up to bigger continuous integration (CI) jobs. A key benefit of Jenkins for continuous delivery is the 900+ plug-ins that allow Jenkins to be custom tailored.

"Releasing software many times a day may sound like science fiction, but it's reality for a growing number of firms. Dramatically reduced cycle time will become the new normal, enabling more direct engagement with customers to deliver high-value experiences," wrote Kurt Bittner, principal analyst with Forrester Research. "Firms that can't deliver applications rapidly will find themselves left behind."

CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey says Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees provides the full features of Jenkins CI along with Jenkins commercial support and enterprise-class plug-ins for environments where high availability and enterprise-system integration is a prime concern.

Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees enables large-scale distributed Jenkins environments. CloudBees [email protected] offers the full set of Jenkins CI features including all OSS plug-ins and Jenkins Enterprise plug-ins. Elastic Cloud Pools extend Jenkins on-premise with CloudBees [email protected] allowing enterprises to burst Jenkins workloads into the cloud.

"CloudBees is also announcing integration with Chef Software and Puppet Labs to enhance Jenkins traceability. Both companies are well known for their popular open source configuration management tools. The enhancement gives DevOps and operations personnel the ability to, for the first time, use Jenkins to trace application code changes, from development and deployment through to production," said Labourey.

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