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Salesforce.com Introduces Salesforce1

Salesforce.com has introduced Salesforce1, a product that it positions as a developer platform built to transform sales, service, and marketing apps.

Designed for use inside the new world of the social, mobile, and connected cloud, CEO and chairman Marc Benioff says that Salesforce1 is not a new version of Salesforce, it is a new vision for the industry.

Benioff contends that programmers will finds that Salesforce1 was built "API-first" to enable developers with 10 times more APIs and services (than elsewhere compared to legacy platforms). These are apps that (for example) create personalized experiences by connecting smartphones or wearable smart devices to customer information.

With Salesforce1, the more than 10 million Visualforce pages and custom actions are mobile-enabled. Now with Visualforce1, admins can combine fields, objects, and other services into pages, components, and apps that run within Salesforce1 to build apps through a single mobile platform.

"Thousands of businesses every day rely on Evernote Business to instantly share important data and relevant information across teams and devices," said Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote. "With Salesforce1, we were able to quickly develop an innovative mobile solution that extends Evernote Business's complementary features to salesforce.com customers, giving them the context they need to accomplish more."

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