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The DevOps Vendor's Newest Term: "Zero Touch" Deployment

With automation and optimization scarcely far from any vendor's "favorite adjective" list, news this month circles of new application release automation technology from Israeli company Nolio.

The firm's Application Release Operations Suite sits undeniably close to some of the other so-called "Dev-Ops" tools currently being championed by Serena Software and others with functions such as the ability to automate end-to-end release processes and options to gauge and assess cloud readiness.

Nolio's offering comes in three parts:

  • Nolio Release Operations Center v1: A multi-release application release operations product designed for continuous release across the application delivery chain.
  • Nolio ASAP Release Automation v4: The firm's flagship product designed for automating application deployment, maintenance, remediation, and recovery with (a term now being quite heavily coined) "zero touch" deployment.
  • Nolio ASAP Cloud Pack: A new offering providing application-centric release operations for applications running in private, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructure.

According to Forrester Research: "Nolio's solution automates complex application deployment, maintenance, remediation, and recovery processes for all types of infrastructures across the application lifecycle whether it eventually runs on physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructures.” (Source: Forrester Research, Inc., "Case Study: City Index Becomes Agile with Release Automation", May 29, 2012)

"Nolio's continuous application release operations solution accelerates the deployment of applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Many of the world's leading SaaS providers already rely on Nolio for their application release operations, and that level of operational agility is now available for applications deployed in the cloud or planned for the cloud by using the Nolio ASAP Cloud Pack," said the company.

Nolio asserts that for enterprises that are not yet in the cloud, this product could enable them to be "cloud ready" by offering release automation for traditional applications along with support for applications that are migrated to or developed for the cloud.

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