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WANdisco and Jenkins: Continuous Integration Is Served

Apache Subversion service company WANdisco has partnered with CloudBees to offer a professional support option for the Jenkins open source continuous integration (build) server. Offered via the uberSVN open ALM platform, developers can select a version of Jenkins that comes preconfigured to work with Subversion and uberSVN itself.

This collusion of technologies will allow WANdisco users access to CloudBees' Jenkins Enterprise product features, which include support and online case tracking on a 24x7 global basis. CloudBees cites research from a survey of 624 Jenkins users, which suggests that 82% of respondents consider the tool to be mission-critical to their development process.

Other survey highlights include:

  • 65% of Jenkins survey takers have 10 or fewer Executors
  • 76% of Jenkins users have between two and 50 projects in process within their company
  • 71% use Jenkins as their sole CI tool

"We're thrilled to be working with WANdisco to support uberSVN users in getting the most out of Jenkins. This new offering provides an incredibly easy way for uberSVN users to deploy and use Jenkins either on-premise or in the cloud with the assurance of formal technical support," said Steven G. Harris, senior vice president of products, CloudBees

Both the professional support option and the free Jenkins download are available through uberSVN and its integrated uberAPPS store. Current uberSVN users can obtain both Jenkins and the professional support option through uberAPPS.

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