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Wizards To Automate REST API Processes

Genuitec has announced the full integration of cloud APIs and enhanced REST services into its MyEclipse 2014 workbench. This represents a collection of wizards to give Eclipse IDE developers the ability to simply consume cloud APIs for development into their applications.

"MyEclipse 2014 adds automation in the form of wizards to the REST API process, letting our customers quickly obtain and develop cloud-based code," said Brian Fernandes, product manager for MyEclipse at Genuitec. "Now customers can expose Cloud APIs and with Genuitec's special blend of features and tools, quickly make applications that are both cross-platform and cross-medium for Internet consumption."

MyEclipse 2014's REST Facade Generation Wizard is supposed "instantly expose code" for further development.

Developers can generate REST facades from existing JPA entities with a click of a button and avoiding generous amounts of coding by hand.

Previous builds of MyEclipse gave developers limited support of REST services; however, the new MyEclipse 2014 workbench has made "substantial updates" to these services so developers can manipulate JAX-RS code and benefit from other tools, features, and frameworks available in MyEclipse.

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