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Associated article: Using Velocis Extension Modules

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Source code accompanying the article by Walter Carlisle in which he turned to Raima's Velocis Extension Module which let him define custom APIs for interfacing to the database. Since the code in the Extension Module runs within the Velocis server process and has direct access to the database, he could move large blocks of records to and from the database in a single call.

					_Using Velocis Extension Modules_
by Walter Carlisle   

Listing One
USHORT EXPENTRY VelSetOfflineQueued( RDM_SESS       rsSession,
                                     RDM_DB         rdDbHandle,
                                     short          hEM,
                                     PSZ            pszProductionDate,
                                     SHORT          *sErrorCode )
    PDPLDATADESC        inParm;
    PDPLDATADESC        outParm;
    short               stat ;
    RDM_SESS            rsServerSession ;
    RDM_DB              rdServerHandle ;

    *sErrorCode = S_UNAVAIL ;
    while ( *...							
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