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October 28, 2014

Agile Certifications Are Actively Destructive

Is it even possible to assess competence in agile development with a test?

June 16, 2014

Don't Develop GUI Tests, Teach Your App To Test Itself!

While developing native GTK- and Cocoa-based versions of the Plastic GUI, my team and I faced the challenge of developing a new test suite.

April 09, 2014

My Big Company Code Interview

It's been years since I gave up on chat interviews. It just seems like these don't work so well — we all feel like we are insightful judges of candidate quality, but somehow the people we hire just don't always turn out as well as we hope.


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Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with HTML5 and Intel XDK

Let the IDE do the heavy lifting.

Program Configuration in Python

Despite numerous options for passing config data to a program, there is still a need for a utility to handle complex hierarchical configuration and locate config files on distributed system. Here is one.

C# and .NET's Sudden Ubiquity

Microsoft ports .NET to Linux and Macintosh and open-sources the entire stack.

Whose Cloud Will You Use?

While the choices appear infinite, they are in fact narrowing quickly.

Adding REST-based Web Services to IoT Devices

Using JavaScript and Node.js to quickly add new capabilities to IoT projects

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Jyväskylä-Style Domain-Specific Modeling

MetaEdit+ 5.1 brings graphical DSLs for collaborative development

Jelastic Version 2.5 For Multiple Middleware

Software now supports multi nodes scaling on all middleware layers

Solano's Continuous Integration as-a-Service

Virtual appliance version of Solano CI for Continuous Integration

New Natural Language Processing API Portal

Semantic network-based NLP technology with hyponyms, hypernyms, synonyms, and lemmatization

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6

As expected, latest platform enhances system performance, administration, and virtualization

CoderGears CppDepend 5.0 Arrives

Analyze a codebase and automate code reviews

Found At Last, The Canonical Source Of Scrum website is the official source of The Scrum Guide

Syncfusion Multiple Controls for Xamarin.Forms

Chart, gauge, and file format functionalities support Xamarin.Forms

Micron SDK Powers Next-Gen Highly Parallel Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is just one application for high computational efficiency Automata Processor SDK

Credible Android Development with IncrediBuild 5.5

CD technology integrates with Nvidia Nsight Tegra

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