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#11    The Game Of Life

The Game Of Life
use PDL; use PDL::Image2D;
use PDL::Graphics::TriD;nokeeptwiddling3d;
$k=byte [[1,1,1],[1,0,1],[1,1,1]];
do{ imagrgb [$d]; $s=conv2d($d,$k);
while (!twiddle3d);

Courtesy of Robin Williams
appeared in Issue 10

#12    DeMorgan's Rule

if (!$a || $b != $c) { ... }
is equivalent to
unless ( $a && $b == $c ) { ... }

appeared in Issue 10


Little-known facts about qr// (new with Perl 5.005): it has a magic print value, and it's an object of type Regexp.

% perl -le 'print "My regex: ", qr/^watch/i'
                               My regex: (?i-xsm:^watch this)
                            $rob = qr/red/i;
                            if ($rob->match("Fred Flintstone")) {
                                print "Got obj fred!\n";

                            sub Regexp::match {
                                my $self = shift;
                                my $arg = @_ ? shift : $_;
                                return $arg =~ /$arg/;

Courtesy of Tom Christiansen
appeared in Issue 11


Transpose a two-dimensional array:
@matrix_t = map{my$x=$_;[map {$matrix[$_][$x]}

Courtesy of Tuomas J. Lukka
appeared in Issue 11

#15    Primality

use PDL; use PDL::Graphics::TriD; $s=40;$a=zeroes

Courtesy of Tuomas J. Lukka
appeared in Issue 11


This code converts any GIF to an HTML table--each cell of the table corresponds to a pixel of the image. Use this to make your web advertisements seem like important content and circumvent Lincoln's Apache::AdBlocker. :

This code is online at
use GD;$f='#ffffff';$T=table;sub p{print @_}
p"<body bgcolor=$f>";for(@ARGV){open*G,$_ or(warn("$_:
": GD error"and next);@c=map{$_!=$g->transparent
$g->colorsTotal;p"<$T border=0 cellpadding=0
<td bgcolor=",$c[$g->getPixel($i,$j)],"
colspan=$s> "}}p"</$T>"}

Courtesy of Mike Fletcher
appeared in Issue 11


Ever wish backquotes didn't interpolate variables? qx() is a synonym for backquotes, but if you use single quotes as a delimiter, it won't interpolate: qx'echo $HOME' works.

Courtesy of Tom Christiansen
appeared in Issue 11


"Use m//g when you know what you want to keep, and split() when you know what you want to throw away."

Courtesy of Randal L. Schwartz
appeared in Issue 11


Count the lines of pod and code in a Perl program:

@a=(0,0);while(<>){++$a[not m/
^=\w+/s .. m/^=cut/s]} printf"%d
pod lines, %d code lines\n",@a;

Courtesy Sean M. Burke
appeared in Issue 11

#20    Results of the SunWorld reader survey (4,106 respondents)

Which of the following open source products do you have installed for WORK use?

Perl            83%
Sendmail        74%
Apache          72%
Linux           64%
Tcl             52%
Python          24%

Which of the following open source products do you have installed for PERSONAL use?

Perl            79%
Linux           77%
Apache          63%
Sendmail        61%
Tcl             55%
Python          34%

appeared in Issue 11

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