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TPJ One-Liners - The Perl Journal


perl -e  'print "Internet Time @",
  int (((time + 3600) % 86400)/86.4), "\n";'
Swatch's Internet Time, heralded as a revolutionary way
of measuring time independent of geography. See for details.

appeared in Issue 13

#32    A trick for indenting here strings

($definition = <<'FINIS') =~ s/^\s+//gm;
    The five varieties of camelids are the familliar
    camel, his friends the llama and the alpaca, and
    the rather less well-known guanaco and vicuna.

Courtesy of The Perl Cookbook
appeared in Issue 13


Efficiently finding the position of the first and last
occurrences of a substring in a string

$first = index($string, $substring);
$last = rindex($string, $substring);

appeared in Issue 13


Some scalars that Perl defines for you:

$^O contains the name of your operating system.
$^T contains the time at which your program began.
$O contains the name of your program

appeared in Issue 13

#35    If Dr. Seuss were a Perl programmer

# Will give errors if run with -w, so don't use -w :)
# Tested on NT with AS (5.005), GS (5.004_02), 
# and Solaris 2.6 (5.004_04)

if ("a packet hits a pocket") {
    On: a;
    socket(ON, A ,PORT,"")
           && the bus is interrupted as a very-last-resort
           && the address of the memory makes your 
              floppy disk, abort;
} else {

    "The socket packet pocket has an";
    error: to-report;

if ("your cursor finds a menu item") { 
    "followed by a dash"
            && "the double clicking icon";
    puts: your-items-in-the-trash
            && your data is corrupted cause the 
               index("doesn't", "hash");

} else {
   "Your situation is hopeless"
            && Your system's gonna crash;

if ("the label on the cable") {
    On-the-table, at-your-house;
    sub network {"is connected to the button on your mouse"};
    BUT: Your-packets, want-to; 
    {/tunnel to another protocol/};
    that's: repeatedly-rejected; 
    {/by the printer/}; "down the hall"
            && "YOUR SCREEN is all distorted";
    {/by the side effects of Gauss/};
    so: "your icons", in-the-window;
    "are as wavy as a souse";

} else {
    YOU: "may as well reboot" && "go out with a !";
    CAUSE: /Sure as Im a poet/;
    THIS: suckers-gonna-hang;

print "Seuss as a tech writer - Kevin Meltzer\n"; 

Courtesy of Kevin Meltzer
appeared in Issue 14


Neal Stephenson's latest novel, Cryptonomicon, includes a Perl cryptosystem code-named Pontifex. You can read about it at

appeared in Issue 14


Stripping the eighth bits from a string $s &= "\177" x length($s); Given a string in $s, this one-liner turns all of the "funny" characters (like or ) into regular seven-bit ASCII characters. It works by ANDing the bit representation of each character with 127, which removes the eighth bit. That turns into L and into N, for instance.

Courtesy of Tom Christiansen
appeared in Issue 14


Replacing tabs with spaces

perl -0011 -pi -e '/\011/&apm;&($_="$'")' filename

Courtesy of Abigail
appeared in Issue 14


Printing all capitalized words

perl -ne 'push@w,/(\b[A-Z]\S*?\b)/g;END{print"@w"}' file

appeared in Issue 14

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