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2012 Jolt Award Winners for Third-Party Libraries

, February 21, 2012 2012 Jolt Award Winners for Third-Party Libraries
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Honorable Mention

As the world moves to concurrent programming, libraries such as Akka will play an increasingly important role. Akka is an actor library that also supports software transactional memory (STM). It is highly scalable and fault-tolerant. The latter trait derives from the Erlang-inspired philosophy of expecting failure and responding with automatic self-healing techniques, such as restarting actors and doing what is necessary to handle their failure until they're brought back online at full operation. Akka also provides a high-level interface to most of its functions, removing the burden of acquiring deep knowledge of parallel operations to write scalable, resilient apps. Akka is open source and runs on the JVM; and it has APIs tailored to both Scala and Java.

— Andrew Binstock

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