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2012 Jolt Award Winners for Third-Party Libraries

, February 21, 2012 2012 Jolt Award Winners for Third-Party Libraries
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Telerik Ultimate Collection for .NET

2012 Jolt Award: Libraries

The winners this year were tightly bunched, but the judges concluded that of all the entrants, Telerik had the top library — its famed collection of .NET components. From its ASP.NET AJAX and MVC support to the inclusion of testing and reporting tools, Telerik has once again delivered extraordinary value with its Ultimate collection.

Going beyond the expected collection of .NET and HTML-friendly charting and toolbar widgets, the Ultimate collection also includes several very helpful Visual Studio add-ins, such as Telerik's slick JustCode (code analysis), JustDecompile (.NET disassembler), JustMock (unit testing), and JustTrace (code optimization), and coding tools. The collection also includes reporting, ORM, and even a Sharepoint acceleration kit for rich UI Sharepoint web parts. And to top off the package, Telerik bundles Test Studio Express, a slimmed down version of its premier automated testing tool.

Overall, the amount of value that Telerik's collection has compared to other comprehensive suites is substantial. If you're a .NET developer and haven't yet locked into a single component vendor for your .NET application presentation, testing, and reporting needs, Telerik's Ultimate Collection should be the first trial suite you download and consider.

— Mike Riley

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