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March 24, 2014

On the Bench

You can use the very cool cloud-based system provided by EDA Playground

March 09, 2013

Arms in the Clouds

Would you use a cloud-based IDE?

October 31, 2012

Home Thermostat Management from the Cloud

Arrayent's technology was recently embedded in an Internet-enabled thermostat from Hunter Fan.

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Java 8 Arrives!

One of the biggest updates ever to a major language finally ships, delivering many new and very interesting features.

Jolt Awards: Mobile Development Tools

The best tools for the nuts-and-bolts of building mobile apps.

Developer Reading List

Java 8, JavaScript, Functional Programming, and Software Engineering

IBM Without Its Business Machines

Big Blue's sale of its low-end server business is a significant move that should not be underestimated.

The Dangerous Art of Predicting Tech Directions

Predicting the future is a common rite as the new year unfolds. But thoughtful extrapolation of where events will lead is difficult and often subtle work. How do the pros do it? And what then can we predict?

Events of Interest

May 7-8. Santa Clara, CA. Internet of Things Developers Conference

May 7-8. Santa Clara, CA. Multicore Developers Conference

May 12-16. Atlanta, GA. OpenStack Summit

May 21-23. Menlo Park, CA. DConf 2014

May-June. Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester, Scotland. The UK Device Developers' Conference series

June 9-10. Stockholm, Sweden. Erlang User Conference

July 7-10. Berlin, Germany. UberConf Europe Java Ecosystem conference

July 28-August 1. Orlando, FL. Agile2014 Orlando

September 23-24. San Francisco, CA. Designers of Things Conference

November 4-5. London, England. Code Mesh Conference

Videos of Past Events

September 2013. JavaOne

September 2013. SpringOne 2GX

June 2013. JAXConf 2013

June 2013. Chicago Algorithmic Trading Conference

May 2013. Google I/O

March 2013. GPU Technology Conference

October 2012. JAXLondon 2012

September 2012. Strangeloop

September 2012. Intel Developer Forum

August 2012. VMWorld

July 2012. Java Language Summit

June 2012. Google I/O 2012

May 2012. Atlassian Summit

May 2012 (paid). Fluent Conference

March 2012. Multicore World

July 2011. JVM Language Summit